Dr. Ahmad Motawi

Dr. Ahmed Motawi, was
born and grew up in Cairo, Egypt, specifically in the district of Heliopolis.

Basic education was completed at the English school, Heliopolis branch in 2001.Then he joined the Faculty of Medicine (Kasr Alainy) at Cairo University and graduated in 2007 cum laude with honors, he completed ,a five years, training as an intern and resident  in the Department of Andrology, Sexual medicine and STIs. He also earned the master's degree in the same field in 2012 and also the fellowship of the European Committee of sexual medicine from Netherlands in the same year. Dr. Motawi achieved the degree of medical doctorate in his field in 2015.

Dr. Motawi is an academician at the Faculty of Medicine - Cairo University (Kasr Alainy), and is currently working as an Associate Professor at the Department of Andrology, Sexual medicine and STIs.

Scientific Activities of Dr. Motawi

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