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Dr. Ahmad Motawi

Dr. Ahmed Tareq Kamal Motawi, was born and grew up in Cairo, Egypt, specifically in the district of Heliopolis. Basic education was completed at the English school, Heliopolis branch in 2001.

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A specialised unit in men's health labs, operating upon the latest international Guidlines

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Azoospermia means there’s no sperm in a man’s ejaculate. Its causes include a blockage along the reproductive tract, hormonal problems, ejaculation problems or issues with testicular structure or function. Many causes are treatable and fertility can be restored. For other causes it may be possible to retrieve live sperm to be used in assisted reproductive techniques...

What are sex headaches?

Sex headaches (also called orgasmic headaches, benign coital headache, or orgasmic cephalgia) are headaches associated with sexual activity. They can occur with intercourse, masturbation, oral sex, and anal sex...

Young Men and Erectile Dysfunction

It’s true that the chances of developing ED increase with age. Many medical conditions associated with ED, such as diabetes and heart disease, start occurring as men get older...

Sex and Anxiety

We often talk about the role of the brain during sexual activity. While the genitals may seem more involved with the “action,” the brain is a great coordinator. It takes in sexual stimuli (like a provocative smile or a touch), processes them, and sends messages to the genitals to start getting ready, either through erection or vaginal lubrication...

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