Are Men Satisfied with Penile Implants?

It wasn’t something he necessarily wanted to do. But he had been dealing with erectile dysfunction (ED) for a few years now and no other treatments seemed to be working out. Because he took heart medication, he couldn’t take the pills he saw advertised on TV. And the vacuum device, which was far from romantic, didn’t seem right for him either.

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What is postcoital dysphoria (“post-sex blues”)?

What is postcoital dysphoria (“post-sex blues”)? Sometimes, people feel deep sadness or agitation after consensual sex. The medical term for these feelings is postcoital dysphoria (PCD), but some call it the “post-sex blues.” In some cases, people become tearful or depressed after orgasm. In others, they become argumentative with their partner. These feelings occur even […]

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Penile Prosthesis

Penile ProsthesisWhen should a man consider a prosthesis?Usually, a prosthesis is considered a last resort. Men with erectile dysfunction (ED) are encouraged to try all other possible treatments (such as pills, injections, and vacuum devices) before getting an implant. However, some treatments are not suitable for all men. For example, men who take nitrates cannot […]

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